Semillas Silvestres© began its journey in the world of native Iberian seeds in 1992, with the production of forest species seeds. Since then, year after year it has accumulated scientific-technical knowledge and experience in the production and use of seeds of Iberian trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants, uninterruptedly until today. Today it is the benchmark company in the production of native Iberian seeds and offers the largest commercial offer of native seeds in the Spanish market.

Our activity goes beyond the production of seeds: we participate intensively and continuously in R + D + i projects, for the evaluation of underused Iberian plant genetic resources, in applications as diverse as ecological restorations, new plant tools for the development of sustainable landscaping and the increase of biodiversity in Mediterranean agroecosystems, such as woody crops, among other objectives.

Our production techniques are based on the evaluation of underused plant biodiversity, respect for natural populations and agronomic innovation, to propose a unique commercial offer, together with technical advice for the correct use of native seeds.

We are promoters and founding members of the Spanish Strategy for Native Seeds and ENSPA. We collaborate with the different Spanish administrations, private companies and non-profit organizations, to disseminate and promote the use of native seeds as a key tool to achieve a healthy, ethical natural and agricultural environment, and a fairer world.