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Native Seeds for Ecological Restoration

The restoration of degraded ecosystems across Europe won't be possible without local native seeds.

Ecosystems degradation, with consequent erosion of ecosystem services and functionality is one of the key environmental and societal issues currently affecting Europe. The practice of Ecological Restoration represents the most effective means to re-establish healthy and resilient ecosystems that have been degraded or destroyed. Most ecological restoration projects rely on the reliable supply of high quality native seeds of appropriate local origin, in order to achieve successful outcomes.

Our Values

The members of ENSPA and its associated organizations are committed to create the conditions necessary for the development of Native Seed Market across all European Countries, so that Native Seed of appropriate local origin is available for Ecological Restoration in the required quantity, quality, and diversity.

Maintain local genetic diversity
Maintain local genetic diversity

The genetic diversity of every native seed batch is representative of the population of origin. Seed collection and production methods are designed to ensure that local traits and genetic diversity are maintained throughout the supply chain.

Sustainable seed sourcing
Sustainable seed sourcing

When seed collection from the wild is needed, it is performed in accordance with local regulations, and following strict scientific guidelines to maximise genetic diversity and maintain health and reproductive capability of the natural population.

Traceability and transparency
Traceability and transparency

Every lot of native seed is fully traceable from the population of origin, through cultivation, processing and storage, and this information is transparently communicated with the seed users as assurance of local provenance and quality.

Seed quality
Seed quality

The association strives to achieve highest quality standards for native seeds by developing and implementing standard seed testing procedures and sharing the results with the seed users, to improve planning and implementation of seed-based restoration projects.


ENSPA represents the interests of companies and other organisations producing seeds of native European plants

ENSPA represents the interests of companies and other organisations producing seeds of native European plants for the re-establishment of healthy, resistant and resilient ecosystems, the re-instatement of ecosystem services, and for landscaping, revegetation and rehabilitation projects. ENSPA aims to create a favourable operating environment for its members, and to establish common ethical and quality standards, by creating a forum for discussion on non-competitive issues, and by providing information to assist the members in their business.


Established 2020

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