SICONA, a nature conservation syndicate active across more than 40 municipalities in southern and western Luxembourg since 1989, is dedicated to preserving biodiversity, managing semi-natural habitats and protecting species. Its role involves advising the member municipalities and land managers on sustainable development and promoting public awareness of nature conservation.
In 2018, SICONA initiated "Wëllplanzesom Lëtzebuerg" in collaboration with the Museum of national history of Luxembourg, biological stations and other partners with funds from the Ministry of the environment, climate and biodiversity. This project addresses Luxembourg's growing demand for native wild plant seeds. Source materials are collected from natural stocks and seed producers are assisted in native seed production following organic guidelines. SICONA’s support includes advice, technical assistance and marketing for the 'LUX-mixtures'. The seeds are used both in urban areas for green spaces or in private gardens, as well as in the open landscape for grassland restoration or for the creation of wildflower strips. The certification system "Wëllplanzesom Lëtzebuerg" ensures product quality and regional origin.
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