Rieger-Hofmann as a trading company for seeds and plants of wildflowers and wild grasses of secured origin was established end of 1994.
From the 1980s up to now the two founding families Rieger and Hofmann are still at the same time producers of wild seeds for the southwest german mountain country region.

Meanwhile, Rieger-Hofmann (now owned only by family Rieger) is trading the seed of about 400 native species. The native wild plants are propagated on 600 ha with about 2.000 cultures in the different regions of origin by more than 80 producers spread all over Germany.

We are one of the leading wild seed trading companies in Germany and Europe and have promoted the establishment of the VWW in Germany (2005) and ENSPA in Europe.

We stand for biodiversity in our mixtures to create new living spaces - not only for common species.


Some impressions of our work you can find here: